Isaro Automation-Industrial automation in Sri Lanka  
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  Programmable Logic Controllers
  Programmable Terminals
  Digital Panel Meters
  Timers & Counters
  Screw Pumps
  Precision Gear Pumps
  Hydraulic Directional Control Valves
  Low Speed High Torque Motors
  Pneumatic Ancillary Valves
  Pressure Regulating Valves
  Air Preparation Units
  Rod-less Cylinder
Isaro Automation Systems is a leading industrial automation company in Sri Lanka offering perfect process automation solution and industrial automation equipment. Since its inception as an outstanding industrial automation company, We are the imperative solution provider in the field of process and industrial automation & excel in the field of Industrial Automation, Instrumentation & Controls and Electricals from over a decade & operates with a view to provide solutions throughout the plant
Our Services
Trouble shooting of machines & plant control systems
Replacing conventional relay control circuit with PLC systems & more advanced PC based control systems
Training programs on PLC installation, programming & maintenance
Service contracts & Engineering consultancy services
Supplying Electrical/Electronic, Hydraulic, Pneumatic control components & accessories
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